Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Bed

Awhile ago, I realized that I didn't just sleep on my side of the bed. If my back was to Chris's side, I would sleep as far away from his side as I could get without falling off the bed. If I slept facing his side, I got as close to his side of the bed as I could, without actually sleeping on his side of the bed. And when I slept facing his way, I held his pillow as tight as I could. And yes, I actually would spritz it with his cologne every now and then.

Something happened between then and now. I now sleep dead center in the bed. I don't know when it happened, but it did. It doesn't matter which way I'm facing, I'm always right in the center of the bed. I do occasionally hold his pillow tight. But, more often than not, Brutus has decided to sleep in Chris's empty spot and I cuddle with him. Hence his new nickname, "Cuddlebuddy". I've actually noticed that unless I'm upset and need the comfort of his pillow, like a security blanket for me, I sleep facing which ever side my Cuddlebuddy is on. 

Yep, I take up the entire bed now and my little minpin dictates which way I sleep these days. I cuddle with him instead of my husband. But, he brings me comfort because my husband no longer can.