Monday, December 5, 2011

The grave

I went to the grave today to put the wreath on it. I hate going to the cemetery. I know that he's not there and it just breaks me heart to see our names on the headstone. It shouldn't be this way. Young people aren't supposed to pass away. He wasn't supposed to pass away. It's just not right. I wasn't supposed to bury my husband at such a young age. He is supposed to be here with me celebrating the holidays. It's just not fair.


  1. You are right. It's not fair, it's not natural. I wish that I could change it for you my friend. Hugs to you. You might need a good dose of TX at some point... ;)

  2. I lit a candle and said a prayer for you. I hope you find some comfort. From a complete stranger that happens to live in dbn.