Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Phoebe and Lefty

I got Phoebe from a roommate about 15 years ago. She was so small and fluffy, she fit right in the palm of my hand. What I remember the most about her when we first got her was that she loved to play with feet. Oh and she hated the smell of peppermint. So, when she would attack our feet, we would put the peppermint foot cream on our feet and she would run. She loved to cuddle all the time. She was such a wonderful cat.

Lefty has a bit of a story. About 12 years ago, I was living in an apartment building and the handyman had asked if I wanted another cat. I told him "not really, why?" He'd said that someone moved out of their apartment and left her behind and she was pregnant. He told me that everyone wanted the kittens, but nobody wanted the cat and his wife wouldn't let him keep her. How could I say no? He named her "Lefty" because she was "left behind". I loved her the minute that I saw her. She loved to cuddle even more than Phoebe did.

When I got my first dog, Brutus, a minpin, Phoebe did not like her. That was her house and she wasn't going to let some dog take over. When I would play fight with Brutus, she would run up and start swatting him to leave me alone! Brutus was so afraid of her that if she was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, he wouldn't go down the stairs. Then I got Babette, the sweet Papillion. She was curious about Phoebe and stuck her nose in Phoebe's face. Well, Phoebe didn't like that and so she swatted her and made her cry. That's all it took for Brutus, he didn't like that at all and he went after Phoebe. Ever since that day I could not get the cats and the dogs to get along. Once I came home from work and Phoebe's tail looked like a lions tail because all the fur was missing except a fluff at the top. The dogs had attacked her while I was at work. It seemed that Lefty always had a patch of fur that was missing.

Chris was a miracle worker, he would sit on the couch with the cats on one side of him and the dogs on the other. I don't know how he did it, but he could get them all four in the same room and they wouldn't fight. Something that I'd never been able to do. When Chris passed away, I had to make a decision. Do I keep the dogs or the cats? My cousin took the cats for me. Eventually, a mutual friend took Phoebe. Lefty stayed with my cousin.

Saturday, my cousin called and told me that Lefty was sick. She wanted to know what vet I took her to. The vet told her to take her to the emergency clinic. She was off to work and I told her that I would do it for her. I never dreamed what would happen next. The vet took one look at her and said that she was a very sick cat. She said that cat's are very good at hiding when they are sick, but she was in liver failure. She speculated that she actually had liver cancer and the prognosis wasn't good. I told them to put her down. Great start to my weekend!!

Well today, my friend told me that she needed to take Phoebe to the Humane Society because she stopped using the litter box. She asked me if I wanted to take her back first. But, I couldn't. She's old and the dogs would fight with her. It just wouldn't be fair to her to bring her home when she would spend the rest of her life afraid of the dogs and living alone in the basement only to come up when the dogs weren't around. So, I decided to meet them up at the Humane Society. Great ending to my weekend!!!

Just because I had to give the cats away doesn't mean that I didn't love them. I cried nearly all weekend. I wanted so badly to say that I was going to take Phoebe home instead of leaving her there today. But, like I said, it wouldn't have been fair to her. She lived a good life, they both did. And I know that the last 21 months of their lives were good. I just can't believe that they are both gone now.

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  1. So sorry Ann. My vet said my Max is on borrowed time. We are watching quality of life.
    The hurts just keep on coming.