Friday, March 25, 2011

Feeling Inadequate

When I start to feel inadequate, I just have to remember that Chris loved me. Chris was such a handsome and wonderful man, and HE loved ME!!! I need that to become my daily mantra. The only problem with that is that Chris is gone, the one person that could make me feel better isn't here. But it's a catch 22, because the reason that I'm feeling down is because he's not here and I'm force to move forward with out him. I also know that I'm feeling this way because I'm moving on with my life, but I'm at a stale mate right now. I can't move forward, I'm stuck waiting on others. And I hate waiting for others to make the next move. I'm not a pushy person and I'm not going to make a phone call because I don't want to "bother" anyone. But, I'm thinking that in this case, it's so vitally important to my well being that I just might have to make that phone call to find out what the next step is. I'm thinking then, maybe then, I will start moving again and these feelings will subside.

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