Friday, February 4, 2011

Taking Charge

I woke up this morning in a wonderful mood. And the best part is, it's past 9pm and I'm still in that wonderful mood. This is a rare occurrence. I actually can't recall ever being this "giddy" before, well at least since December 8, 2009. I do know what has me in this mood. I am taking charge of my life. I am finally doing something for myself and my future. My plans will also help others, which is always a good thing. So, to my friend RB, I say I'm ready to get busy living!!! I have already taken those first scary steps towards living and my future. Yes, I'm scared, I'm very scared. What I have planned is life changing, but hopefully well worth it.


  1. Love this post, Ann! You deserve a wonderful mood, and it makes me smile to read that you got one!

  2. Brava! You had a good day! May you have more sunshine and good days!