Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well, my doctor finally changed my meds.  Some good, and some not so good.  I was almost going to ask if she'd put me back on something that will jump start weight loss.  I didn't have to ask, she went ahead and put me on it.  However, it will put some other plans that I had on hold.  But, I discussed that with her and I'm fine with it.  The bad is that she took me off my night meds.  Last night was the first night without them.  I got zero sleep.  I suspect that I won't sleep again tonight either.  It's not that I'm dependant on the meds to sleep, it's that before I even took them I would stay awake for at least 48 hours at a time, crash, stay awake 48 hours, crash, etc.  I'm hoping that last night was just a fluke because I'm actually fine without the sleep because I'm tired, but not exhausted.  You can't tell that I didn't get any sleep, unless I stop and put my head down.  But, it's the headache that comes with the lack of sleep that I despise.  I haven't had a headache this bad in a long, long time.  Let's hope that I get some sleep tonight.

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