Tuesday, November 16, 2010

  1. The widow will make you an offer for something, or ask you to do something for her.
  2. You accept the offer or agree to the task.
  3. Be friendly to her at all times.
  4. Start lying to her.  Little lies at first, save the big ones for when it's necessary.
  5. Pretend to be grateful and remind her that she is the only one that can help you or that can help her.
  6. You slowly test what the limits are that you can get away with.
  7. Even though you may have a verbal/written contract, decide not to abide by those "rules and regulations" or the contract in general.  Just start ignorning the small ones, do them one by one, until you work up to the big ones.
  8. Continue to push the boundaries.
  9. Slowly ignore the widows feelings and wishes.
  10. When the widow questions something, make it out to be a small or even a non-issue.  It helps if you are a good liar. 
  11. Keep doing what the widow considers an "issue", but be very sly about it so that the widow will not notice.  (This can be tricky as the widow might actually have friends that will know the entire situation and see that the "issue" is continuing, just behind her back.)
  12. When the widow finally realizes that she is being taken advantage of, give her a guilt trip.  Turn it all back on her that what she is doing is wrong.  Even if it is something big like she wants her life back, it is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Just make sure that when you do this guilt trip, you seem indispensible, as if she is the only one that can help you or you are the only one that can help her. 
  13. Do not ever get hostile with the widow; and never, never show anger towards her.  This will only work against you.  You always need to seem like you need help and she is the only one that can help you, or that you are the only one that can help her.
  14. Lastly, keep track of the lies that you tell.  This is extremely important because she might actually remember one of the lies that you have told and then start to question everything you have said.

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