Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Faucet

My bathroom faucet has been dripping for close to three months.  I finally decided to fix it today.  I proudly unscrewed the end and took it with me to the store to get replacement parts.  I wasn't sure if I needed a washer or the other part.  When the guy told me that the problem was actually in the faucet and started to explain how to fix it (meaning taking the entire faucet apart), I nearly cried on the spot.  Not because of the stupid faucet but because if Chris were here, it would have been fixed months ago, the first day that it started to drip.  He would have rode his bike up to the store, gotten the part and fixed it.  He would know what needed to be done.  Just one more reminder that he's gone and that I'm lost without him.  This stupid faucet has pushed me back at least a dozen steps.  How can he be gone? I know that I've survived this far, but how can I keep going?  Stupid faucet...

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  1. Ann, I know. I've got this entire house full of things that keep needing to be fixed. Tomorrow the water softener repair guy is coming, after I've spent weeks having various contractors here too.

    The upstairs bathroom faucet was leaking when Jerry died - I turned off the water to it, meaning to get back to it later. Came back to it a few months later, plumbing book in hand, plus a couple of random wrenches that might have been totally wrong for the job. Turned the water on... no leaking.

    I've left the wrenches and the book there in case.

    This sucks.