Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I really wish that I had stayed home from work again tonight.  Last night, I really didn't feel good and stayed home.  A friend came over and helped pick me up.  I feel blessed to have some of the people in my life that I have.  However, I am on that slippery downward slope right now.  It's not fun.  I can't even say that I'm on a rollercoaster ride because I like rollercoasters, and I do not like this.  I used to think that work was a "safe" place for me.  A place where I could escape and not necessarily think about this nightmare that has become my life.  But since last week and "the questions", I don't feel safe here anymore.  I dread coming in.  I never really loved my job, but at times I enjoyed it.  There are so many great guys that I work with that have been so wonderful since this happened.  However, one person spoiled that all for me.  I hate it here now.  I feel worse today than I did yesterday.  But, I can't leave.  I'm stuck.  I hate this.  Back to the hate I guess...

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