Friday, September 24, 2010

Just 6 hours

I'm so glad that in 6 hours the weekend will be here.  I'm so exhausted today.  I could not sleep last night, at all.  I really wish that I could find some peace at night.  I want the nightmares to end.  I want this nightmare to end! I do have a few nights where I sleep through the night, and that is mostly on weekends when I know that I can sleep in.  So, I sleep out of exhaustion.  I could handle sleepless nights, if it weren't for the God awful nightmares. If Chris was here, he would console me. But then again, if Chris was here, I wouldn't be having those nightmares.  I don't really know why I'm looking forward to the weekend other than catching up on my sleep.  There's not much in my life that is worth looking forward to these days, except for the occasional blip, because what I'm really looking forward to is the day that I'm called upon to join Chris. 

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