Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Lauged today

A friend posted some pictures from elementary school the other day.  And today a few of us in the picture were reminiscing about the 3rd grade.  Then it came out about one of the kids standing up to the teacher.  At the time, we all were secretly cheering him on.  But, of course we kept our mouths shut because the teachers reaction was, well scary, very scary!  I remember the kid running into the bathroom after he told the teacher off and the teacher nearly leaping over desks.  When the boy just made it to the bathroom, the teacher grabbed him by the back of his collar.  He shook the boy and dragged him to the principals office.  I actually thought about this a few days before the picture was posted, I'm not sure what sparked the memory.  But, when we got to discussing it, I actually laughed.  I laughed hard and loudly.  I haven't laughed that much since before the incident.  And surprisingly, I still have the smile on my face.  It doesn't mean that I'm moving on, getting better (as if you can actually get better at grief), or getting over it.  It just means that I'm not allowing this grief to completely take over my life anymore.

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