Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have been waiting for today for well over a week.  Not today as in Wednesday, or as in September 29,2010.  But rather the day that my new cello and violin were delivered.  Music is something that often "soothes the soul".  There is something about classical music that I just love.  And I love making music even more than listening to it.  I have played the violin for over 30 years and I learned how to play the cello in high school.  I have played in several symphonies over the years (when I was younger) and have even played at Orchestra Hall.  So, today the FedEx man brought me a little slice of happiness to clear away the fog.  He brought my new instruments.  I can't wait until I can play them.  (I'm letting the strings stretch tonight.)  So, here are my new toys:


  1. They're beautiful, Ann! I envy you your musical talent. I hope you enjoy your new instruments!

  2. hmmm... I think I will finally pick up my guitar.

  3. My beloved Nelson was a professional violist and violin teacher. He died of sudden cardiac arrest (probably brought on by an undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia--irregular heartbeat) after playing his beloved viola in a Mendolsohn string octet, for which he had been leading rehearsals for month. Ironically, he had trouble with his cellists. (They kept canceling.) I hope to learn to play the violin someday in his honor. (I say 'someday' because I don't have the funds to pick it up right now.) Bravo to you!