Thursday, August 26, 2010

When I Look to the Sky

Chris loved music.  When he needed to express something and couldn't find the words, he would play something and sing it to me.  It seemed that no matter what he was doing, aside from watching tv, he was playing music.  I used to get so mad at him sometimes because he would have the volume turned up so loud that I couldn't think.  I would ask him to turn it down and he would.  But, he would gradually creep up the volume again.  I would give absolutely anything to have that back.  One of the bands that Chris liked was Train.  He used to pay "Meet Virginia" all the time.  He loved the line "smokes a pack a day, but wait, that's me, but anyway."

So, I was listening to this song today.  Every time that I hear it, I think of Chris.  I have it on my iPod and listen to it constantly.  Somedays, I can just feel him with me and I feel selfish because I want him with me instead of moving on.  Yet, I know that when I'm having a bad day, I can think of the good times that we shared and it helps get me through a rough patch.

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