Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sit and Spin

A friend came out to give me an estimate on the garage roof.  I opened the garage door to let him see it from the inside.  And what do I see in the corner?  Chris's sit and spin.  I can't believe that I hadn't seen it before now.  But, it instantly brought a smile to my face. 

About three weeks after I'd met Chris we went to my cousin's house for her birthday party.  This was the first time that Chris was meeting the bulk of my friends and my cousin.  At my cousin's request, I'd made some rum soaked cherries.  I soaked some in Captain Morgan's Rum, so I'm sure that it's no surprise that Chris offered to pass them out.  Well, a girl that I went to school with was there with a couple other friends.  I must say that these girls are beautiful and they wanted Chris.  He told them that he was with me, they told him to forget about me and he told them to forget about him.  And yes, he told me about it.  I had never before felt so flattered, we had just begun dating and he wouldn't trade me in for anyone else. 

As the night went on, Chris found a sit and spin in my cousins garage, he just had to play with it.  And can you believe that he actually managed to sit on it and get it to spin around?  He loved that thing so much, he practically begged my cousin for it.  So, she told him to take it.  And there it sits in my garage with the memories of that night!  When I find the pictures of it, I will post them. 

I think that night was the night that I'd realized that he was the one for me.  There was so much that happened that night that I think that we both realized that we were meant for each other.  I just wish that I would have known that our time together would have been so short.  I love you dearly Chris and I will miss you until the day that we are reunited.

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