Monday, August 23, 2010


I added the picture to my blog today.  It is my favorite picture of Chris, despite the fact that he is wearing sunglasses and you cannot see his eyes.  It is his smile that I love.  Chris didn't smile that big too often.  (He wanted braces, his argument was that he would smile more, and bigger if his teeth were straight.) 

But, the reason that I love this picture is the reason behind the smile.  That was one of his happiest days.  We were on Mackinac Island riding our bikes.  He was so happy because at that moment, he had everything in his life right before him:
  • He loved riding his bike.
  • He loved the outdoors.
  • He loved spending time with his son.
  • He bought me my bike so that I could go riding with him, something that he had been bugging me to do.
  • He loved being around family.
  • He loved spending time up north, it was his favorite place in the world.
  • He loved being with me.
I took that photo on the spur of the moment with my iPhone.  He was just looking at me with such a big smile on his face.  He was so happy that day.  This is how I will forever see Chris.

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