Friday, August 13, 2010

The Only Exception

I keep hearing this song on the radio, The Only Exception by Paramore. And every time I hear it, I think instantly of Chris. It accurately expresses exactly how I feel about him. About a month before I met him I was dating someone else. The person that I was dating was someone that I had a "crush" on for years and he had similar feelings for me. But life is funny and he married someone else. Yet, we remained friends. Shortly after he got divorced, we started dating again. When we met, he lived quite a distance from me. But, after he was married, he and his wife moved about 20 minutes away from me. After just over a year, they got a divorce.  He kept the apartment that they shared, and we started dating. One day at my house, he said that he thought that he was going to move back to his hometown, but he could stay with me on the weekends and visit with me. I really freaked out. I did like him, a lot in fact. However, I was not ready to share my home with anyone, even if it was just for the weekends. I didn't want a serious relationship either. I had a habit of all my life only dating guys for three months then splitting up with them. I had always thought that I had a fear of commitment. I just always figured out by the third month that I really didn't want see a future with whomever I was with and ended it.

Well shortly after the conversation about moving to his hometown, he moved and we didn't see each other again. Which oddly, I was fine with because I just wasn't sure about a future with him. Then less than a month later I met Chris. I knew instantly that he was "the only exception." I knew that I wanted to spend my life with him. And less than three weeks after we met, he needed a place to live and I without hesitation told him to move in with me.

By his birthday in August, which was 5 weeks after we met, he proposed. I did not hesitate what-so-ever before saying yes. We drove down to Ohio to get married. We ended up not getting married that day (a story for another day). But, there was something special about Chris. He was certainly not perfect, yet I didn't care. I think that if his flaws were in anyone else, I wouldn't have made it to the three month mark. Anything and everything that I would have found annoying with anyone else, I found endearing with Chris.  I never would have ever dated a smoker, but it didn't matter with Chris.  I never imagined to spend my life with anyone that I'd ever met before him.  I actually had given up on "love" a long time before I met him.  Chris was special and I will miss him every moment of every day until we are reunited.

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  1. I can definitely relate to this. I keep fighting it, though, and I don't know why. I am so afraid to give in to it, but the feeling always rushes in when I see a certain man. I see the flaws (that would be unacceptable in anyone else) as endearing, too.

    I applaud you for being able to take that leap of faith and for experiencing everything you did with Chris. I so desperately want to be able to do the same.