Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Offense But...

I really would like to know what people are thinking when they say "No offense, but.."  They already know that what they have to say is clearly wrong and going to be offensive, so why bother saying it at all?  Today's post goes really well with yesterdays.  Some people will just say the first thing that pops into their head seemingly without even thinking.  Oh, except for thinking that they need to "excuse" their poor manners with a disclaimer and a but.  I mean really, do you think that just because you say "no offense" that I should not take offense to it?

Did you ever notice that the people who say things such as this are usually the first ones to complain that someone else has no manners or says the most inappropriate things.  I swear that the next time someone says "no offense, but" I am going to say "no offense, but you sound exactly like [insert the name that they think is the worst offender]."  Somehow, I don't think that it will go over too well.  Yet somehow, I don't think that I really care much at this point.

Maybe these people think that they are so close to you that they somehow have a license to say whatever they are thinking?  Well, no matter how close you are to me, when you say something that is inappropriate, and you KNOW that it's inappropriate, it makes you a little less close to me. 

I think that I would much rather have the people just say the inappropriate remark without the "excuse or disclaimer" before it.  Then I could just wonder, "did she know that it was wrong to say that?" and possibly excuse it on my own.

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