Saturday, August 7, 2010

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I saw that they did a write up in the paper about the conviction.  The title is "Man convicted of killing friend in Dec. 8 Dearborn case."  While I am so glad that the community will know that Shannon Maurice Holmes was convicted of first degree murder, I do have a couple problems with the headline.  Shannon Holmes should not be defined as a man.  Even to call him an animal is a disgrace to all of the members of the animal kingdom.  Even the waste that comes out of the parasites feeding off of the dirtiest cockroaches living the absolute worst filth on earth is more beneficial to society than what he is.  He is nothing short of a beast or demon.

The second problem that I have with the headline is that they were not "friends", they were acquaintances.  If he was a "friend" of Chris's, I would have met him, or at the very least heard them speak on the phone.  I think that Chris only hung out with him because he loved his beer and rum and he loved to share it with people.  I checked Chris's phone records and the only time that he ever called Shannon was when he was drunk.  He never called him while he was sober.  If Shannon was a "friend" Chris would have called him when he was sober.  Oh sure, if he ever called when he was sober, it was probably to ask him to go drinking with him.  I know Chris's phone habits when he was drinking, and I'm sure that his family, friends and acquaintances know as well.  Every call to Shannon was surrounded by many calls to many people.  So, they were not friends, just drinking buddies.

Chris was a wonderful man and did not deserve this.  I am so relieved that this monster will be living the absolute rest of his life in prison.  No parole, no worries.  Life in prison may even be too good for him. Well Shannon Maurice Holmes, will get his chance at paradise; his life in prison will seem like a paradise compared to the deepest, darkest bowels of hell that he will face for eternity after he dies.

Here is a link to the news article: Dearborn Press & Guide

Just remember: 12 random members of the Wayne County community found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  These 12 people had not known any of the people involved.  They listened to the testimony and evaluated the evidence.  They even heard testimony from this monster and came to the conclusion that Shannon Maurice Holmes committed first degree murder for the brutal torture and murder of my husband, Christopher Cser.  I understand not wanting to believe that your loved one or friend committed such a heinous crime, but at some point you have to sit down and really look at the evidence.  There is absolutely no logic to his testimony, which by the way I am told contradicts what his lowlife girlfriend, Jennifer Evans, said under oath.  So, at least one of them is definitely a liar.  I'm going to put my money on both of them being liars.  I mean one's a murderer and the other is in love with a murderer, so what's a few little lies?

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