Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Hate and Anger

Will the hate and anger ever let up? I am so tired of it, Shannon Maurice Holmes was found guilty of the premeditated murder of my husband, Christopher Cser. This was a unanimous decision by a jury of 12 of his peers. He had plenty of time to stop his actions as he walked the distance from his home to our home. He entered our home and spread his virus of hate onto me. I can see that his disease has been shared by many that were close to him. It has been brought to my attention some things that have been written about me on the Internet and I'm sure even worse has been said aloud. I will assume that it is this murdering bastards family. Funny how I at one time actually felt sympathy for them. I felt so sorry because they were losing a brother and son. They had to live the knowledge that their flesh and blood was a cold blooded murderer. But, I guess that messy resides with messy and nasty belongs with nasty. I had heard that they carried on as if they were at a party throughout the trial, even while the horrific pictures of Chris's autopsy was shown. I can certainly understand that they would not want to believe that someone that they are so close with is a cold blooded murderer. I get that. But, my husband had lost his life, and very horribly at that. This was not a swift death for him, it was slow and painful. To add to the pain, Shannon Holmes tortured my husband and they had the nerve to be joyful about a man losing his life? And now his family has nothing better to do than to slam me. But, truth be told the hell that I have been through the last 8 months, I really don't think that there is anything left that can really harm me. So, I say to these nasty people, carry on if it makes you feel better. I know the truth, eveyone that means anything to me know the truth, and those that believe your lies do not matter to me. As the saying goes: Those that matter don't care and those that don't matter care!!!

Why are they bothering with me when they have such stellar detective skills that they could put to use by finding "Shawn"? To them I have to ask, if you are such awesome detectives that have located a $500,000 life insurance policy that I am not aware of, and that the police could not find as well, and that I have not collected on, why haven't you been able to locate "Shawn"? If your detective skills are so refined that you have direct knowledge of my husband beating me, beat me so severely that I was admitted to the hospital, I must have been beaten so badly that the entire incident was erased from my memory as well as everyone's memory that surrounds me, why aren't your skills so refined that you haven't been able to find "Shawn"? One last question, if you posses such skills to know of a boyfriend that I have had for the last 4 months that I am not even aware of, why don't you know where to find "Shawn"? Could it be because "Shawn" is a figment of Jennifer and Shannon's imagination? "Shawn" does not exist.

I thought of responding to your rants on the other website, but thought better of it, so I will share my thoughts with the limited number of people that read this. I also thought that I will not lower myself to your parasitic level. All that it would serve is to spread your hate even more. All that I would accomplish is to hit the ball back in your court for more mudslinging. And I'm not going to give in. Just remember this: at the end of the day I find comfort in my own bed wishing that Chris was beside me, and Shannon finds comfort in a smelly cot wishing that his cellmate wasn't there beside him.

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