Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Anonymous Commenter:

I am so sorry for your loss.  I can certainly understand your horror and frustration of knowing that your friend/relative is a cold blooded killer.  I actually thought that a couple members of Shannon's family were good hearted. But, when I felt the cold steel emotions and their true colors showed, I quickly realized that they had no feeling towards the fact that my husband lost his life so tragically; whether they thought Shannon did it or not. That said, please be aware that you are beating a dead horse with leaving your comments for me to read.  I am sorry to report that I did not read them in their entirety.  I did not read them because they lacked ingenuity and intelligence.

The only part that I read that evoked a marginal reaction was where you claim to know whether or not Chris is at peace.  How dare you!!  How dare you speak about my husband as if you truly knew him , or even knew him at all! I heard him say correctly who did this, he said "SHANNON", so I know that he is at peace.  I can proclaim without a doubt that if he didn't want "his friend" to go down for this, he wouldn't have answered "SHANNON" when I asked who did it.  And why did Jennifer state in the Dearborn court that they were not friends?  Did you miss that testimony? But then again, she has established herself as a liar.  I can assure you that Chris is at peace and definitely not rolling over!

In closing, please do not bother leaving your comments with me any more because I will not read them and I will not post them for others to read.   Or at least be brave enough to identify yourself.  If you are unhappy with my writing or think that I am saying something that is untrue, you may sue me for libel.  If you are unhappy with the guilty verdict, that is guilty without a doubt verdict, please feel free to contact any one of the 12 members of the jury.  Because they are the ones that convicted Shannon Holmes of this brutal crime.  As far as I'm concerned, this case will be over tomorrow and I will not allow you, your family or the monster any of my precious real estate in my mind.

Mrs. Cser

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