Monday, July 19, 2010

What About Me?

Don't you hate it when some things are said and at the time, they go right over your head. Just zip, haha don't notice me....then a few months later, you realize what was said and it irritates the fuck out of you? I just realized something that Chris's cousin said to me. He told me that he was helping MD and her family out because Chris wasn't there anymore to do it. Really? WTF about me? I don't even recall you asking if you could do anything for me or help me in anyway. (Not that I'd accept, but just asking is always nice.) I just got a "notice" from the city because my lawn needed to be cut and my weeds are taking over the bushes. Where the hell is he when I need the help? Does he think that I don't need things around the house done as well? I know this for certain, the shit that he is doing for them, is shit that Chris refused to do for them. I know that they aren't paying him, they sure as hell didn't pay Chris. As a matter of fact, they owe him money (so does the cousin) that is why Chris refused to do anymore work for them. Well, it was a mutual thing because they said if he wanted to get paid for it, they were going to find someone else to do it. HUH??? You won't pay him to do it, but you will pay someone else? WTF???? Am I mad? Yes, I'm mad as all hell! I'm sorry, but the last years of his life, they were NOTHING to him. The night before he passed away he told me how mad at them he was. How they had done nothing but use him all of these years. He did not want to do another thing for them because when he asked for money, they claimed poverty. He actually said that KM did not treat him like a son, as she claims. And he was fed up with them. Oh, and another thing JD...Chris did not ask you to help her out! So STFU!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, so JD, go help the people that used your cousin, just like you used him. And talk trash about me, who loved him unconditionally!!! And never, not once took advantage of him. So, when you're feeling so generous, why don't you come by and tackle his list of things that need repaired on our home?

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