Saturday, June 5, 2010

When we first met

Right before I met Chris, I was dating someone. He had his own apartment, but was thinking of moving and then just visiting me on the weekends. I certainly did not want that. The thought of living with someone was...well, it was very unsettling. I absolutely did not want to share my house with anyone. Not even on a weekend. It wasn't just the sharing, it was spending that much time with anyone. It bothered me, I was very independant and loved my alone time. Don't get me wrong, I liked his company and all, but it's like baby sitting. You get to spend some quality time with him, have fun, then send him home. I liked that idea. Then I met Chris.

He stood me up the first time that we were supposed to go out. Then he texted me the next day, "thanks for last night." Thanks for last night???? I was pissed, we talked on the phone and I was furious. I thought that he was mocking me. He tried to explain that it meant "thanks for understanding that I fell asleep..." Whatever. I kinda went off on him, which is so far from who I am. He hung up on me. I called him right back, then I explained that I was sorry for my attitude and how it really wasn't like me. I thought that it was over. I didn't hear back from him for a couple of days. Then he called me when I was out with Jenny. He asked if I wanted to meet up and have that date that we didn't get to have. In a move that is so unlike me, I left Jenny at the bar. Of course I made sure that she had a ride home and all. Well, I had a wonderful time with him. We made plans for him to come over to my house the next day. He actually called me and I picked him up. He ended up staying at my house for a couple of days.

I met his friend N. When I went back to work at lunch, N took him over to his house. Chris was supposed to work the next day. Well, it fell through and he asked me to come pick him up. He told me that he'd rather spend time with me than with N. Of course, I went over there to pick him up. N was furious!! He told me that I was "nothing but a fling" and that Chris "was not seriously into me." Chris stood up for me and told N not to talk to his "girlfriend" that way anymore. One thing lead to another and I told Chris to decide if he wanted to stay there or leave with me. Well, he left with me and told N not to speak to him again until he apologized to me. (Which, never happened. But, I explained to Chris that I didn't want to be the reason that he didn't talk to his friend.)

I picked him up at KM's house for our next date. He packed a bag because he was going to spend the weekend with me. I was actually very happy about that. Despite me not wanting anyone to share my house with, I was looking forward to sharing it with him. I'm really not sure how long he stayed, but there was an argument between one of KM's daughters and him. So, KM kicked him out of the house. He could have gone anywhere, that's the way that he was. But, he asked if he could live with me. Despite my feelings just one month prior, I gladly welcomed him into my home. My home quickly became his home.

I look back at those early days and smile. The only thing that I would change is I wish that I knew what was going to happen December 8, 2009. Someone once asked me, "if you knew how this would end, would you still have married him?" Absolutely!! Even though our time was so short, my life was so much better with him in it. I didn't know what it meant to truly love someone until I met him. Our time together was wonderful, even when we argued. I know that he loved me, truly and deeply. And I will forever love him.

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